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China Already Going Nuts For iPhone 5S

The iPhone sewed up 12% of smartphone sales in China in October, thanks to the 5S.

China Already Going Nuts For iPhone 5S

[Image: Flickr user Alan Turkus]

The iPhone 5S has captivated Chinese consumers already, says research company Counterpoint. There's a lot of to-and-for rumoring about Apple's iPhone 5S and 5C finally hitting China Mobile, the world's biggest carrier, but already so many iPhones were sold in October that Apple's share of the smartphone market soared from 3% in September to 12% in October.

Beyond the apparent success, the data suggests that Chinese buyers were waiting for the 5S, which launched in October, above the 5C. The 5S was the top selling phone in the nation in October, with the iPhone 5 in second place—the cheaper 5C, possibly seen as a lower-status symbol, came in in fourth place.

Smartphone sales in China soared 52% over the same month in 2012, above the global average of 40%. Apple was rumored to have been ready to launch on China Mobile this week, before the story was denied and then apparently confirmed. China is seen as critical for Apple's future, but perhaps not so critical—other data shows the iPhone 5S has reached 10% of all iPhones in use around the world, already.