How Do Couples Stick Together? A New Series of Documentary Shorts Reveals The Secrets Of Enduring Love Stories

What does it take for two people to stick together until death do us part? The makers of the Global Glue Project is on a mission to find out. For the last three years, producers filmed 52 couples in eight countries, following relationships that have lasted as long as 70 years and as little as one. They’ve now launched a Kickstarter to turn each couple’s story into a short documentary about the challenges of creating that life-long bond.

The goal is to release one story on the web, each week, for an entire year. “We want to attract consumers that will love us over time and build organically–like a relationship,” says producer and project co-creator DJ Pierce. Pierce adds that like relationships themselves, “slow and steady wins the race.”

The idea for Global Glue grew out of Pierce’s previous job as kbs+ co-executive creative director for BMW. The ad firm’s slogan, printed on business cards and office walls is “do things that matter.” Over time, Pierce began to wonder: “Am I doing something that matters? “I felt like I needed to do something that mattered more,” Pierce says. When he left the agency he went on a global pilgrimage to understand how couples from all walks of life overcame their toughest obstacles.

So far the producers have shot in the U.S., Japan, South Korea, China, Russia, India, Romania, and Denmark under their own steam. The first four stories are on a beta site and the Kickstarter campaign was launched so the producers could shoot, edit and distribute at least 50 more videos.

More than anything, the Global Glue Project shows that love isn’t some ineffable, intangible feeling. Love doesn’t just “work.” Love is work. But it’s a job that truly matters–which, of course, is the best kind.JM