The Stressful, And Addictive, Nature Of Transformation

Erin Clift is riding a wave of change.

As Spotify’s VP of Global Marketing & Partnerships, she’s witnessing her company virtually transform the music industry. And that can be stressful.

“There’s always a lot of enthusiasm and excitement when you’re building something that you think is going to make a really big difference in the lives of a consumer,” Clift says. “But you never really know if that’s going to be the case until it happens–so that’s fairly nerve-wracking.”

Erin Clift

Before Spotify, Clift worked at Google where she familiarized advertising agencies with the role of search engines–convincing them, similar to her work at Spotify, that a new era was here to stay.

“It’s nerve-wracking when you’re trying to transform and disrupt, but it’s also a bit addicting,” she says.