Xbox One Hits Two Million Sales In Just 18 Days, Still Lagging Sony

Microsoft has incredibly tough competition for its Xbox One console from Sony’s PS4, but both are already selling very well.

Xbox One Hits Two Million Sales In Just 18 Days, Still Lagging Sony
[Image: Flickr user Mack Male]

In the 18 days since it launched, the Xbox One next-generation games console has sold more than 2 million units around the world, averaging more than 111,111 per day. That, Microsoft insists, is a record pace for its Xbox system.

Piling on the stats, even though they’re a bit meaningless without more context, Microsoft also says 83 million hours of games, TV, and apps have been consumed by all those buyers, thus suggesting its new clients have spent an average of about 41.5 hours each on the Xbox One, or 2.3 hours a day.

Yesterday Sony revealed it has sold 2.1 million PlayStation 4 units since its November 15th launch, 25 days beforehand. While that’s a slightly slower average run rate, we can assume that both the Xbox and PS4 saw extremely high sales over the first week and then a tail off to a much lower daily sales rate. So far, no one can call which of these two competing consoles is going to “win” the critical holiday season sales race.

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