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Spotify Clinches Deal With Led Zeppelin, Confirms Streaming Is Now Free On Smartphones

Bring out the tambourines and the navel-grazing shirts—Robert Plant and his bandmates are about to appear on the best-known music streaming site.

[Image: Flickr user badgreeb RECORDS]

Spotify confirmed today its music streaming service is now free to use on Android and iOS smartphones. Previously, users had to pay $10 each month to access the service on any other platform besides the desktop. The caveat with mobile streaming is that, while users can add any album they want to a playlist, they have to shuffle through their playlists using a "Shuffle Play" button. To listen to a single specific song, they'll have to pay.

"We see this clearly in our data: the more music you play, the more likely you are to pay and update to premium," said the music service's creator, Daniel Ek.

Spotify also confirmed that rock legends Led Zeppelin have put their trust in music streaming, with an exclusive deal with the $4-million-valued company. The band was late to iTunes, only allowing digital files of their songs to be available beginning in 2007.

"Can't wait to let the Led out," Ek said.