Office Superstitions, Revealed

Office Superstitions, Revealed
[Illustration by Peachbeach]

What do you do to avoid bad luck?

“Pour Neptune a measure of rum.” – Brian Ackles, Toronto

How frequently do you perform a superstitious ritual while at work?

About once every…

Do you and your coworkers have your own good-luck rituals at work?

“We have had a ‘ring of power’ for close to 15 years. It gets passed from
project manager to project manager depending on whose project is most in need of good mojo.”
— Marisa Brown, Houston

“Once I refer to a client a certain way (initials, nickname, etc.), I never change it until the deal closes.”
–John Casey, Richmond, Virginia

“I will always wear a dress or skirt to work-related events, meetings, and situations. Almost anytime I’ve worn pants, things didn’t go as well.”
–Jessica Harlow, New York

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