• 01.13.14

Office Superstitions, Revealed

Knocking on wood–it works! (It helps you stop worrying about luck, thus improving focus, say researchers at UChicago’s business school.) That may lead to more knocking on desks: A recent Fast Company survey found that 45% of respondents were most superstitious at work.

Office Superstitions, Revealed
[Illustration by Peachbeach]

What do you do to avoid bad luck?

“Pour Neptune a measure of rum.” – Brian Ackles, Toronto

How frequently do you perform a superstitious ritual while at work?

About once every…


Do you and your coworkers have your own good-luck rituals at work?

“We have had a ‘ring of power’ for close to 15 years. It gets passed from
project manager to project manager depending on whose project is most in need of good mojo.”
— Marisa Brown, Houston

“Once I refer to a client a certain way (initials, nickname, etc.), I never change it until the deal closes.”
–John Casey, Richmond, Virginia

“I will always wear a dress or skirt to work-related events, meetings, and situations. Almost anytime I’ve worn pants, things didn’t go as well.”
–Jessica Harlow, New York

Of those who responded: