The Recommender

What are you loving this month?

The Recommender
Belle Beth Cooper, Cofounder of Hello Code, Recommends Misfit Shine

1. Ory Okolloh

Director of investments, Omidyar Network


Next Draft: “I’m getting back into newsletters again–lots of new, very well-curated ones out there–and I love the mishmash of links in this one.”

Americanah: “I love Chimamanda Adichie’s writing, and this book takes me back to what it was like being an African trying to navigate America. In the vein of the Great American Novel, one could label it the Great Global Novel.”

2. Aaron Schildkrout

Cofounder and co–CEO, HowAboutWe

Alphaville: “I’ve been listening to this luxurious set by British electronic musician Matt Relton. My whole life is becoming more electric, and this is a nice soundtrack to that.”

Humans of New York: “A humble telescope peering into the lives of those who inhabit the world’s best city. Everyone is always so perfectly themselves.”


3. Michael Fishman

Cofounder, Pure Fix Cycles

Lettuce: “This is a must-have app for inventory-based businesses. It consolidates multiple back-end processes that would normally take hours to do and makes operations a breeze.”

Osprey Raptor Backpack: “It’s a necessity when I hike, bike, and travel. The built-in hydration pack and storage space lets me get from point A to point B while staying hydrated, all with ease.”

4. Janie Hoffman

Founder and CEO, Mamma Chia

Slow Money: “This movement has the potential to start a new conversation
about money that is too fast, about finances that are disconnected from people and places, and about how we can begin fixing our economy from the ground up.”


Yoga Studio: “With my crazy travel schedule, I find that squeezing in yoga
from my hotel room goes a long way in keeping me centered. This app has a wide range of yoga classes with different focuses and durations.”

5. Dan Gould

Cofounder, Chill

Apache Cassandra: “Databases are the workhorses of the tech industry: unsexy but essential. This database management system is what would happen if your regular data store had a love child with Skynet. With it, you can reliably scale to systems with hundreds of millions of users.”

Persian mulberries: “They look like emaciated blackberries, but they’re the most amazingly sweet things you’ve ever tasted. It’s not just a sugar burst: There’s a complex flavor underneath.”

6. Ryan Carson

Founder and CEO, Treehouse


Team Gantt: “Gantt Chart software is great for planning projects that are usually a pain to create, share, and update. Team Gantt solves all that–and it’s really affordable.” “I’ve replaced my trainer with these kick-ass free programs. I’m currently on the Shortcut to Size program and love it.”

7. Cinda Bommershine

Founder, cinda b

Stylesight blog: “Stylesight is a trend-forecasting and analysis site that requires a subscription. The blog, however, is open to all and provides great insight to all things fashion and design.”

GateGuru: “This app tells me what amenities are available at any airport I travel through. It’s especially helpful for finding the closest Starbucks before an early-morning flight.”


8. Rob Stone

Founder and CEO, Cornerstone and the Fader

Vowch: “There are many apps in the recommendations space, but I find Vowch to be, by far, the most functional and fun. Someone can Vowch for a song and you slide the screen to listen to it instantly. Especially fun is a leader board to rack up points for Vowching early.”

Sweetgreen: “Sweetgreen sources organic ingredients from local farmers, and it also has a music festival that draws 20,000-plus attendees to hear top musicians, from Passion Pit to Kendrick Lamar.”

9. Ben Lamson

Cofounder, WeDid.It

Wes Montgomery: “When it comes to jazz guitar, he set the bar. Whether I’m in the kitchen cooking up a meal for friends or sitting down to write a blog post, nothing gets my creative juices flowing like listening to Wes.”


Memoir: “A really neat app that reminds you of places you’ve been and
experiences you’ve had through the pictures you took and social media posts you made this very moment, years ago. It consistently puts a smile on my face.”

10. Belle Beth Cooper

Cofounder, Hello Code

Misfit Shine: “This tiny device tracks my sleep and daily activity to help me stay fit and healthy, and it’s designed to be so great looking that you’ll actually wear it.”

Duolingo: “The website and mobile apps offer a really easy, fun way to learn the basics of a new language. I’ve been working on French for a while, and I love that I can do a quick five-minute lesson on my phone.”