This Fox And Dog Are Best Buddies And Now Anti-Fur Activists

Since the dawn of the Internet, people have loved unlikely animal friendships. Norwegian photographer Torgeir Berge found one right at home and is now using it to promote awareness of the conditions foxes face in the Norwegian fur trade.

Berge’s dog Tinni has a best friend named Sniffer, who just happens to be a fox. Berge has posted a video of the two frolicking and buddying around that is pure web GOLD, but ends on a shot of another fox trapped in a cage. Translated from his YouTube page, Berge’s message reads:

“This video shows a dog and a wild fox who has been best friends for a long time. Both shows enjoyed each others company. Both are enjoying what nature has to offer. Both are in need of freedom and joy.
Why they are treated as different as art?

Foxes are, like other animals, dependent on the freedom to explore, live and play over large areas. Instead, they are born into a meaningless life in a cramped wire cages, with no opportunity to live a natural life. What excuse do we have for causing such great suffering for approx. 1 million animals each year, only an unnecessary and pretentious product?”

Berge and Berit Helberg are even publishing a book about the two furry friends. It’s like Tod and Copper, except, y’know, with a happier ending.JB