Zipcar’s Philosophy On The Power Of Profuse Apology In The Face Of Customer Complaints

“Why did this happen?”

Lesley Mottla, executive VP of product and member experience of Zipcar, knows this question–a question that no business executive wants to hear, but certainly will.

So how do you respond to tough questions when a service has gone wrong? Be frank, according to Mottla, and then work to fix the problem.

Lesley Mottla

“What I try to do is just be very very transparent and honest with them,” she says. “I obviously apologize profusely and try to do what I can do to make that situation right.”

“My role is to get people together to figure out how to design that problem out of our service. And so I tell them very honestly what I’m going to do about it. If it is a problem that we caused, I acknowledge it.”SS