D’oh! These Posters For Fake Movies From “The Simpsons” Should Be Real

A series of posters for live-action movies that will sound very familiar to fans of The Simpsons.

In a classic early episode of The Simpsons–as if there were any other kind–the cartoon-within-a-cartoon, Itchy and Scratchy, is turned into a movie. If I were a (weirdly young) betting man at the time this episode was released, I would have bet that this episode was the result of external pressure to produce a Simpsons movie. Instead, my only thought was, “When can I see the Itchy & Scratchy movie? When is that happening?” Well, it never did happen, and neither did any of the other myriad fake movies mentioned on the show. At least now, however, there are posters that let us imagine what some of these cross-dimensional adaptations might have been.


The Simpsons has always been chockablock with fake flicks–and not just the ones that faded star Troy McClure constantly rattled off. Since these golden ideas were just languishing in syndication, though,
MTV News teamed up with the graphic designer known as Old Red Jalopy to bring some of the fake Simpsons films to life. Like the recent Seinfeld poster project, this series shows us live-action depictions of how everything from McGarnagle: the Movie to The Contrabulous Fabtraption of Professor Horatio Hufnagel might have looked, albeit only in poster-form.

Part of the fun of this project is seeing which actors were chosen to portray which fictional characters. Since the McBain character in the Simpsons-verse was always based on Arnold Schwarzenegger, having The Governator take the lead in the McBain film was a no-brainer. Having Kevin James star in Hail to the Chimp, however, is a masterstroke–as is the font choice for that particular poster.

Would any of these films go over any better than the actual Simpsons Movie did in 2007? Probably not; that film managed to not disappoint an impossibly high-expectations audience on the level some might have predicted. Funnily enough, though, at the time it showed up in a Simpsons episode, the idea of a Planet of the Apes: The Musical: The Movie probably seemed preposterous, but it’s not quite as improbable anymore.

Look through more of these posters in the slides above.

H/t to Next Movie