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Tech Forecast

Leap Motion's Air Gestures Could Be In Tablets And Phones Next Year

Air gestures may be coming to your favorite mobile gadget sooner than you think.

[Image: Leap Motion]

Soon, you might be able to control your tablets and smartphones without ever touching them, according to Leap Motion. The company's CEO, Michael Buckwald, reportedly says its gesture control tech, already compatible with computers, could be available on smaller screens by the end of next year. The trick has been to adjust the various imaging systems to cope with the smaller spaces on mobile gadgets.

Why exactly would you want air gestures on your gadgets? You could do things like wave your hand at a phone on a tabletop to dismiss or answer an incoming call. Leap Motion also imagines integrated systems where you could make an air gesture toward your Android tablet to control the video being shown on an HDTV elsewhere in the room. This is the same sort of technological solution that is possible via PrimeSense's technology, which you may recognize from Microsoft Kinect, and this could explain why Apple recently purchased that company.