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The Code War

KryptoKit Bitcoin Wallet Makes Web Payments Easier

One of the difficulties of paying in Bitcoins is that there's no easy infrastructure, which is something KryptoKit wants to fix.

KryptoKit Bitcoin Wallet Makes Web Payments Easier

[Image: Flickr user Marcel Grieder]

A company called KryptoKit has revealed "the world's first Google Chrome extension instant Bitcoin wallet and secure payment system."

Bitcoin transactions can be tricky, and this Bitcoin wallet works via a Google Chrome extension, and comes as a set of tools that should allow simpler transactions.

To ensure the transactions happen securely, KryptoKit performs them on the client side of the system and doesn't send any data off to a server, or tap any passwords or private security keys. The company is making its code visible to scrutiny, and the Bitcoin wallet's identity is made by combining the user's random mouse movements.

Interestingly, the installation also comes with a secure, private message system protected by GPG encryption, which the company says "makes sending encrypted messages to your friends a breeze." The secure chat channel, which in theory is tricky to surveil, may also be useful in communicating Bitcoin payments.