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Imgur Reported To Be Next On Yahoo's Acquisition List

If the acquisition does go ahead, the photo-sharing site could be a neat bedfellow for Flickr.

Imgur Reported To Be Next On Yahoo's Acquisition List

[Image: Flickr user Joel Kramer]

Yahoo is in talks to acquire Imgur, the photo-sharing site beloved of the Reddit community, says a report from Business Insider. The two firms have been in discussion since this Fall, and Yahoo may not be the San Francisco-based site's only suitor. According to the report, the photo site has no venture-capital money and its founder, Alan Schaaf, hasn't said he's interested in selling the site, which has 10 employees.

Imgur, which has one million daily uploads and a monthly unique user base 100 times that figure, is currently the 28th most popular site in the U.S. Its acquisition would be another weapon with which Yahoo can continue its pursuit of the youth market—and would bring additional social chops to Flickr, Yahoo's photo-hosting site. Earlier this year, Yahoo bought Tumblr, started by David Karp, for $1.1 billion.