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Google Allows Users To Create And Share Their Own Vistas On Street View

All you need is an Android phone or a DSLR camera to display your own interpretation of a Street View location.

Google Allows Users To Create And Share Their Own Vistas On Street View

[Image: Flickr user Kevin Dooley]

Google has created a tool that allows anyone to share their own interpretation of a location on Street View. The user-generated views will go up in tandem with Google's official photos on its mapping service and will be available to all. The firm expects the new tool to be used by photographers and cites potential uses by, say, environmental nonprofits "to document and promote the beautiful places they strive to protect."

Anyone can use the service to create their own 360-degree photo spheres, using pictures from either an Android camera or a DSLR, and then knitting the pictures together using Google Maps to anchor the correct location of each shot. The results will be used to build apps and can also be embedded in other websites.

With albums reaching from the top of the world's highest mountain ranges and buildings to a handful of the planet's best coral reefs, Google has spent much of 2013 going places. CERN, a retired British Navy submarine, the Thames, Venice's canals, and the production line of the firm's Motorola X phone in Texas have all been the apple of the Trekker 360 camera's eye. This new tool means that, in 2014, we might even let you have a peek inside Fast Company's new newsroom.

Tidy desks please, troops.