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Google's "+Post" Option Turns Google+ Posts Into Display Ads

Google is trying out some monetization of its social network system, but it doesn't work how you think.

Twitter has ads. Facebook has ads. So it makes sense that Google is also trying to connect Google+ with advertising. Introducing the new +Posts, which will display on the Google Display Network, which includes 2 million sites. The ads will not appear on Google+ itself.

The +Post ads "allow a brand to take a piece of their public Google+ content, like a photo, video, or even a Hangout, and with a few clicks, turn it into a display ad that can run across the more than 2 million sites in the Google Display Network. This lets brands think of the entire web as their social stream," says Google's product manager, Eran Arkin.

When a consumer sees the Google +Post in another site, they can click on it and engage in a chat, of sorts, via Google+, with and about the company. For now the ads are running a trial with a few big brands like Toyota USA, Ritz Crackers, and Britain's chocolate giant Cadbury—but Google says they're seeing expansion rates "50% higher than the industry average for rich media ads."