Airbnb Video Invites Bill De Blasio’s Friends To Come Stay For The Inauguration

The Mayor-elect has expressed some opposition to the hospitality company, so Airbnb is extending an open invitation to his friends and family.

During his recent campaign, New York City Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio appeared to side against hospitality platform Airbnb, seeing the program’s short-term rentals as a violation of both residential and hotel regulations. Now, Airbnb has released a video message to de Blasio.

The video features four diverse hosts from across the boroughs inviting de Blasio’s family and friends to use Airbnb when visiting for the inauguration. “Our guests spend their time and money in diverse communities around the city,” says one guest. Another offers, “They connect with real New Yorkers. They get the real experience.”

With this new video, Airbnb continues to make the case that it expands the hospitality market and brings a bigger economic boon to neighborhoods that previously hadn’t seen much of a boost from tourism. In October Airbnb released a study reporting that the company generated $632 million in economic activity between August 2012 and July 2013, supported 4,580 jobs, and generated $31 million in sales taxes and $7,530 in income for a typical host.

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