Confirmed: The IPhone Is Coming To China Mobile

The network tells the Wall Street Journal that pre-orders start this Thursday.

Confirmed: The IPhone Is Coming To China Mobile
[Image: Flickr user Rob Deutscher]

China Mobile, the world’s biggest cell phone network by user numbers, is poised to accept pre-orders for iPhones this Thursday, December 12th, according to an advertisement on the company’s website.

This news comes despite pushback from China Mobile itself following last week’s rumor that a deal with Apple had been finalized after months of anticipation.

The website announces China Mobile’s launch of fourth-generation cell phone networks, with the slogan “4G is here!” The Wall Street Journal contacted China Mobile and received confirmation that iPhone pre-orders will start Thursday.

Analysts are predicting that the launch of the already hugely popular iPhone in China could lead to an explosion in the number of devices Apple sells. Figures run as high as an additional 17 million units by the end of 2014, though that would require some extraordinary fast work by Apple and assume a very broad uptake on launch.

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