The Top 15 Food Stories Of 2013

From the kitchen of the future to the company that’s creating an egg-less future, we’re quickly changing how we chow down. But you might not know that when you see the most extreme meals in America.


In 2013, the local, sustainable food movement continued to expand to the point where even unlikely major fast food brands are involved. Chipotle, a chain admittedly known for preaching sustainability, made tofu from a popular supplier available in many of its stores, and McDonald’s announced an initiative to serve certifiably sustainable fish.


Over the past year, manufacturers and inventors have also started looking toward the future of food, from a NASA-funded project to 3-D print pizza to incredibly realistic fake eggs, created as part of a bid to wean the world off factory-farmed foods.

There is plenty of work to be done. As described in many of the stories below, Americans–and the rest of the world–are struggling with obesity and the ever-present temptations of junk food (just take a look at the first item on our list from 2012).

1: What Your Kitchen Will Look Like In 2025

Smart refrigerators, faucets that detect bacteria on produce, and 3-D printed dishes are just some of GE’s predictions for the kitchen of 2025. Don’t pass them off as unrealistic: GE has been right before.

2: Inside The Company That’s Producing The Most Realistic Fake Eggs You’ll Ever Taste


We took a visit to Hampton Creek, a startup trying to engineer an eggless future, to see how the company is engineering new versions of cookies and mayo that don’t involve any chickens. The results will amaze you. So will the “mayo library.”

3: 10 Grandmothers From Around The World, Pictured With Their Most Comforting Dish

Take a little world tour via everyone’s favorite cook, grandma.

4: Chipotle Is Rolling Out Tofu In Burritos Across The Country–Here’s How They Make It

A look inside a successful organic tofu factory that shows the fast food joint is putting its money where its mouth is when it comes to high-quality food production.


5: When You Eat Is Why You’re Fat

Do you sometimes wait to eat meals? It’s not helping your waistline.

6: These Chubby Fast Food Logos Will Make You Think Twice About Chowing Down

What happens if McDonald’s ate McDonald’s: some pudgy golden arches.

7: This Super Local Brooklyn Whole Foods Will Have A 20,000-Square-Foot Rooftop Greenhouse


Whole Foods is teaming up with rooftop garden company Gotham Greens for its next New York location. When the lettuce only has to come down a staircase from the roof, that’s about as local as you can get.

8: These Are The Worst Meals You Can Eat In America

A new study on the most “Xtreme Food” in the country found some meals with more calories than a person needs in an entire day. Take a look at these gut-busters.

9: Your Healthy Greek Yogurt Harbors A Deadly Secret

Greek yogurt is healthy and good, but the process of making it creates something called acid whey. Acid whey is very bad: accidental spills of it have killed thousands of fish. But Greek yogurt is booming, so what to do with its dangerous byproduct?


10: McDonald’s Now Serves Certifiably Sustainable Fish, But Does It Matter?

Getting Marine Stewardship Council certification is a big move for the fast food giant and for the sustainable fish industry, but does it change McDonald’s impact?

11: Point This Magical Scanner At Your Food And It Will Count The Calories

The TellSpec could be the missing link for people watching their weight or trying to avoid certain ingredients–if its creators can manage to bring it to the market.

12: Inside The World’s First “Brewery Incubator”


Brewery Inc., a new project in Houston, is looking to support and grow new “nano-breweries” with a shared workspace.

13: This Former Felon Started An Organic Bread Business That’s Now Worth $50 Million

Dave’s Killer Bread, about to launch nationally after huge success in the Northwest, was started after its co-founder finished a 15-year prison term. Now he’s sourcing local ingredients and making a killing.

14: Why NASA Just Spent $125,000 To Fund A 3-D Pizza Printer Prototype

The space agency made a splash with its headline-friendly plan to print pizzas in space. But what exactly does the ability to create food for astronauts mean in terms of our plans for exploring the galaxy?


15: The 3 Companies That Bill Gates Thinks Are Shaping The Future Of Food

If Gates has his way, we’re going beyond eggs and meat, using new substitutes that taste the same but that we can make in a lab instead of a farm, so we can feed the entire planet. And then we’re also going to make salt healthy, while we’re at it.

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