Google’s Online Tribute To Nelson Mandela May Be The Classiest

The search giant pays tribute to Nelson Mandela in the simplest and yet most potent way it can.

Google’s Online Tribute To Nelson Mandela May Be The Classiest

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela died late yesterday, as you certainly know by now. The world is saddened, but many are celebrating his life and his global impact with tributes, and Google’s is worth pointing out. It is a simple line of text on what must be one of the most visited website home pages in the world–Google’s own.

The tribute is simply Mandela’s name, a link to the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory archives–a Google-powered page that describes his life and acts as an effort to locate and make available “access to all archival materials related to Nelson Mandela”–and his birth and death years. Simple, unadorned with Internet ads. Google did something similar for the death of Steve Jobs, linking to Apple’s site–Google’s fierce competitor, of course. In the privacy-busting social Internet era, it’s refreshing to see this sort of respectful effort from a big-tech company.

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