Now In Apple Stores: IBeacon Location-Tracking Technology

Apple is installing and turning on iBeacon smart shopping devices in 254 of its own stores.

Now In Apple Stores: IBeacon Location-Tracking Technology
[Image: Flickr user Mario Sánchez Prada]

Apple’s iBeacon devices have the potential to change many aspects of shopping–and to demonstrate its commitment to the idea, Apple is turning on the iBeacons in 254 of its Stores across the U.S. today.

The iBeacons, 20 of which are said to be in NYC’s Fifth Avenue store, will connect to the Apple Store app. As patrons move around the store, the iBeacons track their location and send prompts to their iPhones about relevant products, services, events, etc. Combined with Apple’s ongoing plans for developing shopping and payment tech, one future use for iBeacons could be as part of a mobile payment solution.

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