Kickstarter Loves This Camera That Lets You Take Street View-Like Panoramic Photos

Anyone who’s ever seen a Google Street View car has noticed the orb camera hoisted on top of the vehicle. Though such technology has been used primarily in mapping, one company is hoping to bring it to consumers. Roughly the size of a baseball, the Bublcam is capable of shooting panoramic photos and 360-degree videos.

Toronto-based Bubl launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring the spherical camera to market, raising $300,000 in less than a month, tripling its $100,000 goal with more than a week to go before its deadline. “This started when I sat down with my phone, and my daughter was looking at a picture of her grandmother and automatically started moving the phone around because she couldn’t see the full picture,” CEO Sean Ramsay told Fast Company. “I thought this is probably the evolution of how we will experience photo and video content.”

The Bublcam promises no blind spots, shooting 1080p video and 14-megapixel photos. Built-in Wi-Fi also means users can livestream video. The company sees a number of use cases for Bublcam, including in security, sports, real estate, teleconferencing, and interactive videos, but there are many more possibilities with the development of an API and SDK.

“It’s impossible to know all the potential different applications,” Ramsay said. “Our goal as a company is to make 360-degree technology available to everyone. By doing that, it opens the door of possibilities. The applications are pretty much endless.”AT