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SmartThings Revamps Its Apps To Make Your Smart Home Even Smarter

Home automation startup SmartThings has revamped its website, iOS mobile app, and overall experience to make your DIY smart home smarter than before.

SmartThings Revamps Its Apps To Make Your Smart Home Even Smarter

SmartThings is one of the more successful Kickstarted companies trying to bring the Internet of Things and smart automation systems into your home, and now the company has a "brand-new site, iOS mobile app, and SmartThings experience."

Chief among the new features is the "Hello, Home" service, which adds a degree of intelligence to your automated household devices. You can tweak the system's settings to fit your own daily habits better, and also command your entire house into new "Modes" when you need to make a change, such as coming back from work early. To switch modes you can send your SmartThings system a message like "I'm back!" and it will automatically do things it would normally do when you get home from work, like turn on more lights.

The other big change is a new Dashboard, which allows you to more easily "monitor, control, and automate" your home based on areas in the house. It's added categories like Home & Family and Danger & Damages to make it more user-friendly.

What SmartThings is trying to do is leverage the clean look and feel of iOS 7 and some smarter programming in its systems to make it seem like your smart home is actually a bit smarter. The systems still require a lot of human input though, so we're a long way from the Jetsons-like powers we've been promised for so long.