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Pinterest's Head Of Engineering Departs To Start His Own Business

Jon Jenkins said in a Quora thread his decision to leave "really is bittersweet."

[Image: Flickr user mkhmarketing]

Pinterest's head of engineering is leaving the company after just a year. Jon Jenkins says he wants to start a company of his own. "In the coming months, I'll be developing the concept and talking with investors about how to build an entirely new business," he said on Quora. Pinterest is said to be already seeking his replacement.

Jenkins said that, during his year at Pinterest, the company’s engineering team has more than tripled in size. The company's recent innovations have included location-based pins and an API suite that lets other sites include Pinterest's social systems on their own pages. The company's CEO, Ben Silbermann, spoke at Fast Company's recent Innovation Uncensored conference to outline his plans to grow the company into one that "billions of people will use."

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