Behold The New, Reversible USB Connector

No more fumbling in the dark trying to charge your phone with an upside-down cable.

Behold The New, Reversible USB Connector
[Image: Flickr user Bill Selak]

After years of frustrated device owners fumbling with their USB cables in the dark to plug them in the right way, the humble USB plug is finally being overhauled.

The announcement comes via a press release issued by the USB 3.0 Promoter Group. The new Type-C connector is designed to “enable an entirely new super-thin class of devices from phones to tablets, to 2-in-1s, to laptops to desktops” and will be about the size of a regular micro-USB plug. But that’s not all–the new connector will finally be reversible, like Apple’s slickly designed Lightning cables for its newer devices like the iPhone 5 and the 4th generation iPad.

“While USB technology is well established as the favored choice for connecting and powering devices, we recognize the need to develop a new connector to meet evolving design trends in terms of size and usability,” said Brad Saunders, USB 3.0 Promoter Group chairman. “The new Type-C connector will fit well with the market’s direction and affords an opportunity to lay a foundation for future versions of USB.”

Since the new connector won’t work with existing USB ports, the group will also include a specification for adapters and cables to stop them being instantly rendered obsolete. But don’t expect all this goodness to come your way anytime soon. The new specification will only be finalized by the middle of 2014.

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