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Zombie Drones! Hacker Finds A Way To Hijack UAVs

A notorious hacker has created "SkyJack," which can hijack drones and turn them into a drone botnet.

Zombie Drones! Hacker Finds A Way To Hijack UAVs

[Image: Flickr user Jamie in Bytown]

Samy Kamkar, a hacker best known for bringing down Myspace and creating an "Evercookie" that can follow your browsing habits forever, has released all the hardware specs and code needed to hijack flying drones and bring them under your control.

The contraption, called SkyJack, uses a tiny Raspberry Pi open-source circuit board, a USB battery, and a wireless transmitter to seek out Parrot quadricopters, interrupt their wireless connections, and forcefully take them over. You can run your zombie drone botnet from a computer on the ground or from your own Parrot quadricopter, one of the most popular drones on the market, available from Toys "R" Us and Amazon for under $300. Speaking of Amazon, as Kamkar writes in his blog post announcing SkyJack, "How fun would it be to take over drones, carrying Amazon packages…or take over any other drones, and make them my little zombie drones. Awesome."