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Google's Next Life-Changing Project? Real Androids

Google is said to be putting a lot of faith in a scheme to develop making realistic, useful robots.

Google's Next Life-Changing Project? Real Androids

[Image: Flickr user John Greenaway]

Google is reportedly putting a lot of faith and money behind a "moonshot" project headed Andy Rubin, and it's all about making realistic, useful robots.

Rubin, who you may know as the man behind the Android operating system, has an engineering background in robotics and intelligent systems. According to the New York Times, Rubin says the new robotics push has about the same level of precedence inside Google as self-driving cars—and we know these devices are already changing the world in their own way. To drive Google's robot efforts, the company is said to have secretly acquired robot startups around the world with the goal of making a mobile, maneuverable, and dextrous robot.

What market Google has in mind for its robots is unclear, but there is mention of the manufacturing and logistics markets, as well as the kind of mundane large-scale pick-and-place tasks that workers currently carry out in warehouses like Amazon's. What's clear though is that Google is very serious about the effort, and unlike its long-term cars plan, it's keen to make viable Google robots sooner rather than later. Considering Google's bulk and reach, it's no stretch to say that, if it's successful, the company's robots may change your life one day soon.