So You Don’t Have To Wait Around All Day, Luna Begins Moonlit Deliveries In San Francisco

Consumers can specify a delivery time between 7 p.m. and midnight.

People with jobs are all too familiar with the frustrations of getting a package slip: Waiting around all day, missing the delivery, seeing that dreaded slip, calling up the shipping company to complain, and trying again another day.


One startup is hoping to change that experience. Named for its moonlit deliveries, Luna delivers packages to San Francisco residents after work, when it is convenient for them. Online shoppers can send their packages to Luna’s secure warehouse and use its app to specify a delivery time between 7 p.m. and midnight, Sunday to Friday. They can also affix tracking numbers to their packages, and the app will update them with the status of their shipments. The first delivery is on Luna, but subsequent ones will cost $7 apiece.

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Based in San Francisco, Alice Truong is Fast Company's West Coast correspondent. She previously reported in Chicago, Washington D.C., New York and most recently Hong Kong, where she (left her heart and) worked as a reporter for the Wall Street Journal.