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Netflix Gets Its First Original Kids Series: "Turbo FAST"

Five episodes will be available Christmas Eve, with additional episodes released in 2014.

[Image: Netflix]

Netflix has another original up its sleeve.

Dreamworks Animation's new series Turbo FAST, the television spinoff of the feature film Turbo, tells the story of a gang of snail friends living the fast life. Sounds ridiculous, but kids eat this up: The movie grossed more than $280 million. The show will premiere online December 24.

Yet unlike House of Cards or Arrested Development, episodes of Turbo FAST won't be available all at once. Instead, to keep kid viewers engaged, Netflix will stagger the release of the show, starting with five episodes available Christmas Eve, with additional ones arriving next year. Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos said this release schedule gives kids "something to look forward to all year." Or perhaps it's a way to appease parents, who don't want their children glued to a tablet all through winter break.