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Pinch, Swipe, Ka-ching: Cyber Monday Shopping On Mobile Devices Up 80%

And of all the electronic shopping aids available, the iPad was king.

[Image: Flickr user mccun934]

In the five-day period between Thanksgiving Day and Cyber Monday, online shopping was record-breaking, up 26% since last year to a whopping $7.4 billion, according to the Adobe Digital Index.

Impressive, yes, but the big change for this year's holiday season is that more and more, consumers are shopping on the go. Continuing a trend spotted this summer, almost a quarter of all transactions over the five-day period were conducted on mobile devices. A record 18.3% of sales came from smartphones and tablets, a massive 80% increase over the 2012 shopping season. While smartphone-wielding consumers surfed to retailers' websites at a high rate (29% of all such visits came from smartphones), customers were more likely to wait to view that cashmere snowflake sweater on a slightly larger screen before making the purchase.

Of all the electronic shopping aids available, the iPad was king, responsible for 10.1% of total sales on Cyber Monday (dwarfing the puny 1% from Android tablets); as an object of retail lust itself, the iPad also continues its reign, with the most social-media "buzz" of any tablet or gaming console.

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