Yelp CEO: I Didn’t Expect To Succeed

When Jeremy Stoppelman founded Yelp, he didn’t expect to be at the helm of a billion dollar business. The odds were against him.

“At the time you don’t really realize what’s going on, you’re just trying to make something successful,” he says. “The initial idea that we had didn’t actually work. We had to pivot quite substantially.”

Jeremy Stoppelman

“By happenstance and good luck things worked out,” he adds.

Now with Yelp a globally recognized brand, Stoppelman realizes that his business is an outlier, but acknowledges that with the right attitude, the same can happen to anyone. Though it does take a little luck.

“The odds of success can be very low–if you stay focused and persevere it could be you,” he says. “I didn’t expect it to be me.”SS