Amazon Chat Support Gave This Man “The Worst Customer Experience”

“Do not use Amazon chat support,” Chris Williams warns. “This just happened to me.”

Amazon Chat Support Gave This Man “The Worst Customer Experience”
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Anyone who’s spent several hours on the phone with their local Internet provider during an outage can tell you: There’s little more frustrating than bad customer service. Chris Williams knows this feeling of frustration well, if his account of a recent encounter with Amazon chat support is legitimate.


“That was perhaps the worst customer experience I have had,” Williams told Fast Company via email. Williams reached out to Amazon via chat after encountering an email address almost exactly like his own. Worried it was some sort of phishing attempt, he was connected with “Farah,” who started the conversation off on the wrong foot by calling Williams by the name Brittni. “my name is not brittni.. my name is chris williams.”

Farah apologized profusely for the mistake, but the conversation went downhill from there:

“Every question I asked, and was asked, the time between each of my responses to her took between 5 – 15 minutes,” Williams says. So, understandably, he snapped, and demanded to be in touch with another representative.

Williams assured Farah: “I AM POSTING THIS CONVERSATION ONLINE. THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED.” And indeed, he put the entire conversation in a Google Doc and shared it on Hackernews.

A rep never did call Williams. Instead, he called them, but “they seemed confused and were unable to help.” He was forced to change the password on the bogus email account himself and change the email address so it was dissimilar from his own. He said the experience left him “disappointed that Amazon would hire or outsource their customer support to people unequipped to handle issues like this … Amazon has been a wonderful resource but experiences like this make me question the security of my account.”

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