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Time Warner Offers TV Bundle With Local Channels And HBO

Is this another sign that the cable industry is finally ready for the great unbundling?

[Image: Flickr user JasonParis]

Since HBO's creation in the 1970s, it's been a premium network offered only in pricey cable packages, but it appears that model is slowly starting to unravel. Signaling a move toward the unbundling of pay TV packages, Time Warner Cable has introduced a new offering that includes local channels, HBO, and HBO Go for $30 a month.

The introduction of Time Warner's Starter TV with HBO package follows a similar move by Comcast in October with its Internet Plus bundle, which offers broadband Internet, local channels, and HBO. However, both offerings come with hidden taxes and fees, and in the case of Time Warner, after renting a cable box for $10 a month, customers are paying closer to $45 to $50 without Internet, according to GigaOm.