The Results Are In: What Kind Of Productive Person Are You?

Are you one of the 45,000 readers who took Fast Company‘s productivity quiz? See the results now.

What kind of productive person are you?


Two weeks ago in mid-November, we asked our readers to complete a simple productivity quiz. The quiz came in tandem with the release of our December 2013 / January 2014 productivity issue, and helped readers identify their own productive habits in the landscape of eight productivity archetypes.

In the short time since then, over 45,000 unique readers completed the quiz.

So, what kind of productive person are (most of) you?


Let’s find out:

The Connector: 21,511 (48.3%)

You’re constantly meeting new people–and these relationships are the foundation of your productivity. (More)

Leading Connector: David Robinson
Role Model: The Dalai Lama.
Killer App Combo: Evernote Hello and Sunrise

The Early Bird: 6,941 (15.6%)

You get up early. Insanely early. You find your peace–and most productive hours–in the first slice of the day. (More)

Leading Early Bird: Alexa Von Tobel
Role Model: Benjamin Franklin
Killer App Combo: Fantastical and Carrot


The Proscrastinator: 5,188 (11.7%)

Instead of making a decision right away, you wait for more info to come in. You are intimate with deadlines. (More)

Leading Procrastinator: David Baldacci
Role Model: Hunter S. Thompson
Killer App Combo: Boxer and Do It Tomorrow

The Mono-­Tasker: 5,136 (11.5%)

You sneer at multitabs, loathe push notifications, and grab each task with both hands. (More)

Leading Mono-Tasker: Alexis Ohanian
Role Model: Franz Kafka
Killer App Combo: RescueTime and AwayFind

The Firefighter: 2,799 (6.3%)

When you’re at work, you’re on, putting out one blaze after another, without distraction or delay. (More)

Leading Firefighter: Cory Booker
Role Model: FEMA head Craig Fugate
Killer App Combo: Any.Do and iDoneThis


The Night Owl: 1,681 (3.8%)

You reach peak productivity after everyone else has gone to bed. (More)

Leading Night Owl: Aaron Levie
Role Model: Thomas Alva Edison
Killer App Combo: Right Inbox and Buffer

The Multitasker: 748 (1.7%)

You wish your phone’s browser could handle more than eight windows. Perhaps you’re using that phone right now. (More)

Leading Multitasker: Tory Burch
Role Model: Leonardo da Vinci
Killer App Combo: IFTTT and Wunderlist

The Lone Wolf: 505 (1.1%)

You work solo, loading complex problems into your head and working them out from there. (More)

Leading Lone Wolf: Henry David Thoreau
Role Model: Henry David Thoreau
Killer App Combo: Quip and Yammer


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