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Comcast Wants To Put New Ads In Old Recordings Of Shows

The pay TV operator hopes the ability to sync ads across seasons could lead networks to make entire seasons of older shows available on demand.

Comcast Wants To Put New Ads In Old Recordings Of Shows

[Image: Flickr user Matt Smith]

Comcast is hoping to make TV advertising relevant in the age of DVR by inserting fresh advertisements into older recorded shows.

With the ability to sync commercials across whole seasons, the hope is that networks would make whole seasons available on demand. In the world of TV commercials, advertisers pay for ratings that measure how many people watch a show three days following an episode's airing. Comcast reports that 40% of shows are watched within those three days, with the rest viewed outside that window.

Variety reports the technology, called On Demand Commercial Ratings, was successfully tested on ABC and NBC (the latter of which Comcast owns), and TNT has also expressed interest in the feature.