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Tell Us: What Is The Best (And Worst) Thing About Working From Home?

Working in your pajamas may sound like a dream come true, but working from home isn't always easy. Share with us the trials and triumphs of working from home. Tweet your pictures to @FastCoLead or share your stories below.

[Image via PicJumbo | by Viktor Hanáček]

A lot of people hate office life , but working from home isn't always easy either.

To craft your perfect at-home workspace you need to work from home like you mean it. Some argue that working away from the office—away from the office politics, privacy-killing open office layouts, and distractions—provides a considerable boom in productivity and happiness. Others argue it's the worst of both worlds, ruffling family relationships and full of potential work-from-home snafus.

Others strive for a balanced approach.

But enough about what everybody else thinks. We want to know what you think.

Share your stories about what you love or hate about working from home below or tweet your pictures of your home office setup to @FastCoLead.

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