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Today You Can Order A Gadget Pop-Up Shop

Today only, the artisanal electronics e-commerce store Grand St. and NYC instant delivery service WunWun are bringing traveling pop-up shops straight to you.

Today You Can Order A Gadget Pop-Up Shop

[Image: Flickr user JD Hancock]

The Monday after Thanksgiving is always a slightly depressing reminder of the few weeks left before the height of the holidays. Luckily for those of you in New York City, today only the e-commerce shop Grand St. and instant delivery service WunWun are partnering to bring an on-demand pop-up shop of gadgets right to your desk.

Download WunWun's iPhone app and press the "Request Pop-Up Shop" button before 4 p.m. today, and Grand St. reps will come straight to you. The artisanal electronics purveyor, which features one new gadget per day on its website, tends to favor unique finds, like this smartphone dock made from driftwood collected off the shores of Maine, or this smart egg tray that wirelessly monitors how fresh your eggs are.

Grand St. warns "availability will be limited."