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Are Email Accounts On The Way?

The firm won't say, but the approach could certainly prove attractive to teens, the market Facebook desperately needs.

Are Email Accounts On The Way?

[Image: Flickr user cascade hiker]

Instagram may be pushing forward with a plan to create email and messaging accounts.

The rumor is being fueled by a spreadsheet leaked from a social media data compiling company. The move would be a foray into Snapchat territory and, if successful, would give Facebook—Instagram's parent company—an advantage with teens, the demographic it so desperately craves.

Neither Instagram nor Facebook have commented on the news, which came after a marketing executive requested some information from a data-gathering firm. "We use [the data provider] as a tool for gathering information," she told TechCrunch, "and suddenly A LOT of the email fields were being filled in with Instagram email addresses."

Last month it was reported that both Google and Facebook offered big bucks to buy Evan Siegel's Snapchat app, but were turned down.