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During An Outage, TV Network Lets Viewers "Watch" Shows Via Twitter

Underlining the connection between Twitter and TV, the social network was used to stand in for broadcasts in the U.K. when a TV station crashed.

During An Outage, TV Network Lets Viewers "Watch" Shows Via Twitter

[Image: Flickr user]

X-Factor is a huge TV event in the U.K. So when technical problems took Britain's third biggest TV network, ITV, off the air for millions of viewers across parts of the U.K. over the weekend, ITV took to Twitter. The network used the social networking site to update viewers as to who was voted off the talent show.

Based on the previous week's 9.1 million viewers, an estimated one million people were missing the X-Factor when ITV went down. With its 340,000 Twitter followers, ITV certainly won't have reached all of the missing viewers, but the hope was that retweets and sharing will have spread the news.

Twitter is aggressively pursuing any and all links it can get with the TV industry in an attempt to sew up potentially lucrative revenue deals with networks and advertisers as TV increasingly becomes a second-screen experience.