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The IPad Won Black Friday

Apple's tablet device seems to have played an unprecedented part in the seasonal shopping bonanza.

The IPad Won Black Friday

[Image: Flickr user YTO]

The crazy shopping day that comes after Thanksgiving is a boon for manufacturers and retailers of all stripes. But this year Apple in particular benefitted from the glut of consumer spending.

InfoScout analyzed tablet purchases and found that the iPad was the hot product to buy at Walmart, Target, and Best Buy.

At Walmart, the tablet alone accounted for about 6.4% of the store's sales, InfoScout says, despite the enormous range of products the company carries. But the data also suggested some 40% of the iPads bought were snatched up by people who owned Android smartphones. This sets a difficult precedent for Android tablet markers to try to beat.

Data from IBM's analytics effort suggest 82% of all mobile shopping purchases on Friday were made on iOS devices, despite the received wisdom that, thanks to bigger sales, Android devices outnumber iOS devices. IBM also says smartphones drove about twice as much Internet traffic to shopping sites than tablets, but tablet users made 1.5 times as many online purchases. Combined with IBM's other data, this means iPhones were used for browsing, iPads for buying. Furthermore IBM notes iOS users who purchased things online spend 18% more per order than Android users.

As the end of the year approaches, and holiday shopping continues, it's beginning to look a lot like an iPad Christmas.