• 11.27.13

Toss Some Rocks In Ron Burgundy’s Drink (We Don’t Think We Mean That Sexually)

The new Scotchy Scotch Toss app raises the “Anchorman 2” promotional game to another level.

Ron Burgundy is so busy anchormanning that he doesn’t have time to put ice in his glass. So he made a nifty app, Scotchy Scotch Toss, just out in Apple’s App Store, allowing you to fill his glass for him. (Why does every description of this sound sexual?) The perfect pastime while awaiting a delayed flight? Perhaps, especially if you don’t mind being insulted.


“How can I deep-fry chimichangas if you keep cooling down the grease with ice cubes?” That’s one of 300 one-liners–probably more than half of them insults–that Will Ferrell recorded for Ron Burgundy to hurl your way as you attempt to fill his Scotch glass with wayward ice cubes.

The Paramount Pictures-Funny or Die production comes in the name of Anchorman 2 promotion. The studio has its best marketing brains on an international hurricane of social media promotion. (Did we mention the app is interactive? You can play with your friends on Facebook.) In addition to the pervasive Dodge campaign, there are videos aimed at foreign markets, an exhibit at Washington, D.C.’s Newseum, an intricate partnership with Tumblr and a wave of fan-generated GIFs. Ron Burgundy might say he’s busy but Will Ferrell truly has been. The actor has had a hand in nearly all of the studio’s marketing content.

Just try to keep up with him by tossing some rocks Burgundy’s way. Do it well, and you’ll get such accolades as “Let’s keep this going, we make a great non-sexual team.”

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