Microsoft Plans Server Encryption To Beat The NSA

Microsoft may be increasing encryption of its traffic to keep users’ data private.

Microsoft Plans Server Encryption To Beat The NSA
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Microsoft is planning to encrypt some or all of the data traffic moving through its servers in an attempt to protect both its consumers and, presumably, its own corporate secrets, according to a report from the Washington Post.

The maneuver is prompted by concerns that the NSA has tapped critical communications links inside the company’s networks, “people familiar with the emerging plans” told the Post.

As more data about the NSA’s surveillance efforts has been revealed, it’s been alleged that the agency managed to tap very deep communication connections in companies like Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft, possibly even penetrating to links between these companies’ servers. Direct mention of Microsoft services is made in several leaked NSA documents. Microsoft’s corporate lawyer, Brad Smith, reportedly didn’t mince his words when talking about the alleged surveillance of MS servers, suggesting that the snooping could be a breach of the constitution.

Google and Yahoo have already taken early steps to encrypt traffic to suppress this kind of alleged surveillance.

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