Watch A Film About Buying Stuff That Lasts, As An Antidote To Black Friday

Unlike almost every other retailer on the planet, Patagonia is practically begging people not to buy its products on Black Friday. Instead, the company is launching a campaign to get people to keep their old clothes longer with the release of Worn Wear, a short film telling the stories of people around the world who have kept their Patagonia items for a really, really long time. You can watch the full film above.

The video follows people in a surf camp in Baja, Mexico, a National Geographic photographer, an alpinist, and others that you might expect would have a love for outdoorsy Patagonia wear. Patagonia’s website explains: “Released as an antidote to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping frenzy, Worn Wear is an invitation to celebrate the stuff you already own.”

At 15 Patagonia stores across the U.S., the company will have Black Friday parties that showcase the film. A bonus for customers: the parties will also feature a Patagonia repair clinic, with guides from the website iFixit on hand to help mend items. At the Patagonia San Francisco store, the sharing startup Yerdle is teaming up with the clothes retailer for a party that will offer participants free access to lightly used Patagonia items–as long as they bring something to share.

While Patagonia’s Black Friday campaign would be surprising coming from any other company, it makes sense in this case. For years, Patagonia has asked its customers to buy less stuff and repair what they already own. It certainly doesn’t hurt the retailer’s overall brand image if customers believe that Patagonia’s products are durable.AS