GoldieBlox Didn’t Ask For Permission To Use Queen’s “We Are The Champions,” Either

GoldieBlox is currently getting heat for a possible instance of copyright infringement in its most recent commercial, but this is not the first time the toy startup has used a song in an advertisement without first getting the license holder’s permission.

According to Reuters’ Felix Salmon, GoldieBlox did not license Queen’s classic anthem “We Are The Champions,” which plays a prominent part of a commercial the toy company put out this summer. It’s important to note this advertisement, which has since garnered more than a million views on YouTube, uses Queen’s original lyrics. The Beastie Boys commercial, meanwhile, features entirely rewritten lyrics that GoldieBlox claims should classify the work as a parody, rather than an act of copyright infringement.

We’ve reached out to both EMI/Walt Disney Records and GoldieBlox to confirm.

Update, Dec. 2: GoldieBlox has since made its original video private, but you can still watch a version of it here: