Your Ultimate, Ridiculous, Insane, Essential 2013 Holiday GIF Guide

There’s a week of Kwanzaa, eight nights of Hanukkah, and 12 days of Christmas. And we have 21 amazing GIFs to help you celebrate! Math!


As you may have heard, selfie is the word of the year.


That’s cool–some of us here at FC really like selfies.

Meanwhile, we all love GIFs. (Smooth transition, right?) Who doesn’t?!

So while others may be bending over backwards in their shopping carts to offer you their end of year gift guides, we thought we’d go another way and provide you with our first (annual?) GIF Guide, celebrating everyone’s favorite ridiculous waste of time creative visual technology.

Below you’ll find some of 2013’s highlights–from the Red Sox’s World Series win to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s, um, not win. And you’ll also discover some eye-popping online candy we just couldn’t resist including.

Are these the absolute best GIFs of this calendar year?

Who knows? What we do know is we (almost) made it to 2014. So, c’mon: High five!


You earned it. Why? Perhaps it’s been a tough year at work.

Or maybe you’re sad and feel like you’re just part of the machine.

Maybe you took some hits–either in your personal or business life.

Or you got a little angry.

But then the holidays came around. You were psyched!

Only Halloween was underwhelming.


And Thanksgiving was a bloated hassle.

But now it’s almost Christmas! Hurray!

So let’s take a quick moment to reflect (and hopefully blow your mind in the process).

There have been some high points this year.

And some low points.

And some we-don’t-know-what-is-going-on-here points.


(Poor hedgehog.)

But whatever happens, we should still be able to laugh at ourselves (like these dudes).

And stand up for what we believe in.

Look, the future is beautiful.

It’s also sobering.

But, really: beautiful.


(The past is pretty cool, too.)

So as the year winds down, try to reflect on what went right this year–and what you hope to accomplish in 2014.

For now, enjoy the holidays.

Just don’t let Christmas shopping get you down.

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