Once You Find It, The Journey Of Innovation Never Really Ends

When Beth Comstock, CMO of GE, started her career some years ago, she didn’t even think about innovation. Now, she sees it as a calling–something that will always be part of her life and career, no matter where it takes her.

Beth Comstock is a torch bearer of generation flux and a master of building business through strange, serendipitous connections. She’s an innovator–but it hasn’t always been that way.


“When I began my job I’m not sure I even thought about what innovation was,” she says. “Now I look at innovation as just an ongoing journey.”

Beth Comstock

That journey has taken Comstock from a small town in Virginia to GE, where she is the company’s chief marketing officer. And it still continues.

“Innovation comes in many forms. It’s a quest to be better. It’s a quest to delight, surprise, find solutions for big vexing problems,” she says. “I think it’s much more of a calling than when I first started my career.”