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Just What the Doctor Ordered: An Xbox

Spain's Basque Country has been using Microsoft's game console to monitor and treat patients with chronic illnesses.

Just What the Doctor Ordered: An Xbox

[Image: Flickr user Mack Male]

The Xbox isn't all fun and games. It also has a role in health care. To cut down on costs, health officials in Spain's Basque Country have been caring for patients using an interactive system called Tiki, which runs on the Xbox. With the game console connected to patients' TVs, the telehealth system set up by Accenture lets medical staff consult patients in their own homes.

Tiki is used to lower costs associated with caring for patients with chronic diseases, such as arthritis, asthma, and diabetes. Chronic diseases make up 80% of patient interactions in the Basque public health care system and 77% of its total health care budget. In addition to remote monitoring and consultations, medical staff can use Tiki to prescribe medicine to patients.