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Target Plans to Open India Accelerator in 2014

The Bangalore incubator will provide startups up to $30,000 in funding.

[Image: Flickr user Ramnath Bhat]

If the talent crunch is so bad at home, why not look elsewhere? Target is planning to launch a Bangalore accelerator in January to tap into India's startup scene.

The program will provide startups up to $30,000 in funding while giving the retailer engineering talent and fresh ideas. TechCrunch reports that company officials have already begun reaching out to some companies, though global CIO Beth Jacob told the outlet that it has "not yet settled on which start-ups will be included." Seeking "ideas which have the potential to transform the retail industry," according to Jacob, the accelerator is looking to incubate startups specializing in big data, content aggregation, mobility, and search. Target hasn't decided if it will ask for equity stakes in the startups.