X-Men Conspiracy Theory Implicates Magneto in JFK Assassination

Marvel comic book heroes are no strangers to actual historical events–look no further than Captain America and Wolverine’s military service during WWII–but the latest marketing effort for the upcoming X-Men film Days of Future Past takes things to a much more specific, and arguably creepy, level.

Timed perfectly to coincide with the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination, and all the historical hype surrounding it, 20th Century Fox and creative agency Ignition have launched The Bent Bullet, a site that gives fans a close look at what Magneto has been up to in the decade between the events of X-Men: First Class and the new film.

The bent bullet theory alleges that Erik Lenscherr (aka Magneto) stood on the grassy knoll and used his power over all things metal to alter the trajectory of Lee Harvey Oswald’s second shot to hit the president. He was arrested, convicted in a secret trial, and given two consecutive life sentences. His cell sits 1,320-feet underground and was custom made by… wait for it… Trask Industries.

It’s an impressive deep-dive that blends fiction and actual events in a way that will help stoke fanboy fever to unprecedented trouser-soak levels for the film’s release next May. And given the eons of marketing time still left, it’s likely not the last of such X-advertising we’ll see between now and then.