• 11.27.13

See Google Ring Toss, Adobe Face Cream, Durex Dinghies, And Other Unexpected Brand Extensions

Moscow-based designer Ilya Kalimulin made a series of strange products attributed to some very famous brands that probably won’t come to fruition.

One way for a brand to create awareness is with a surprising new product that gets people talking. Some people probably remember exactly where they were the day they found out Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos Taco would be a thing, such was the excitement the chip-encrusted foodstuff generated. This urge to innovate, however, also renders companies ripe for parody. If they’re so eager to make a product that qualifies as “unbelievable” within a rigidly define area of safety, just imagine what lies beyond those boundaries. Oh wait, you don’t have to–someone’s already done it.


Moscow-based designer Ilya Kalimulin has turned his attention to creating a bunch of things that should never, and will never exist. Many great inventions have resulted from wondering what people don’t yet know they need, but it is my contention that people will always continue to never need bloodbags from Heinz. Kalimulin’s mock-ups of bizarre, left-field product lines for world-famous brands have caught on in some Russian blogs, inspiring others to think way, way, perhaps too far out of the box.

Have a look at the rest of these products in the slides above, and let us know in the comments what weird product you’d like to see a brand create.

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