Parents: Nag Your Kids To Sign Up For Obamacare With These Funny E-Cards

Some critics say the new Obamacare marketplaces are part of the growing nanny state, with the government urging the nation’s uninsured young adults to sign up. But in many cases, actual mothers are getting in on the act and nagging their kids to get health insurance, too.

The retired adult’s association, the AARP, is helping to facilitate this nagging during the insurance enrollment period with a set of six pre-made e-cards made for parents to nudge their kids to sign-up.

The amusing e-cards are appropriate for all kinds of family dynamics.

One says: “Get health insurance so I can stop pestering you to sign up and start pressuring you to get married.”

Another: “I don’t mind being the reason you get health insurance. You’re the reason I drink wine out of a box.”

The ads from the AARP are witty, but these ads for Obamacare made by the government are truly mortifying. Read more.

It’s a little strange that this is coming from the AARP, given that the campaign targets young people. But it makes sense when you think about it. Obviously, parents care about their kids’ health, but more importantly, the success of the new health law depends on many young, healthy people to sign up to balance out the higher costs for older or sicker people who take on new plans. So far, the sign-up rate overall has been much lower than expected, in part due to glitches to the federal government’s site.

Cheer up, kids, it’s just another way for mom to show she cares.JL